Kids Sustainable Organic Clothing: Breaking the Microplastic Cycle in Kid’s Clothing

Kids Sustainable Organic Clothing: Breaking the Microplastic Cycle in Kid’s Clothing

Organic clothing is challenging to find in most stores. You'll find many items that are advertised as “cotton,” but when you look at the label, you’ll find:


  • Polyamide
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Many others


    And all of these materials are not what you would consider sustainable clothing. Instead, they’re a result of the rapidly growing fast fashion industry that is expected to double in popularity by 2027.


    The hidden danger in these items, not including the massive increase in waste and clothes ending up in landfills, is that microplastics are making its way into your kid’s body.


    What are Microplastics in Clothing?


    Microplastics are small plastic particles that are released from synthetic clothing (and other items). Hundreds of thousands of these small particles are released into wastewater when washing clothes, but there is evidence of early development issues in children who wear these items.


    How are Microplastics Impacting Your Child’s Health?


    A study from 2022 found that kids – just like yours – may have microplastics in their:


    • Digestive system
    • Circulatory system
    • Reproductive system


    We don’t know the full extent of how these harmful plastics will affect our kids in the future, but preliminary studies don’t look promising. At Fabrica Kraft, we’re inspired to make a change and become one of the leading ethical online clothing stores for babies and kids with items that are:


    • Organic and free from harmful chemicals
    • Sustainable


    We're committed to the health of babies, especially during their formative growth years. You can check out our:



    Acrylic, polyester, nylon, and similar fabrics account for 69% of all clothing materials, and simply reducing the amount of clothing your child wears with them can make a huge difference to their health.


    You might not be able to eliminate 100% of the microplastics in your child’s clothing, but even small reductions offer significant benefits.


    3 Benefits of Our Organic Clothing for Kids


    There are many benefits to choosing organic cotton clothing from Fabrica Kraft. When you shop our line of kids eco conscious clothing, you get peace of mind that your child’s clothing is:


    1. Gentle and Natural


    One of the main benefits of choosing cotton kids clothing is that it’s natural and gentle on your child’s sensitive skin. Clothing that is 100% cotton does not contain synthetic materials or chemical additives that can cause:


    • Irritation
    • Allergies
    • Other adverse reactions


    When you choose organic clothing, you help protect your baby’s skin and minimize their exposure to harsh chemicals.


    2. Breathable and Comfortable


    Organic fabrics are soft and breathable, which helps keep your baby cool and comfortable. Cotton also absorbs moisture to keep your little one’s skin dry.


    Our eco friendly clothing is perfect for year-round wear and will help protect your child’s skin no matter the weather.


    3. Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting


    Sustainable online clothing stores – like Fabrica Kraft – offer fair trade clothing. Fair trade means that the clothing is produced using ethical labor practices.


    Organic fabrics like cotton are also long-lasting, so your kids will get plenty of use out of them.


    Eco-friendly fashion that looks good and doesn’t have a negative impact on your child’s health is just a click away. Click here to view our collection of kid's clothes with 100% cotton, sustainable options that are soft, long-lasting and free from harmful chemicals.

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