About Us

Fabrica Kraft: A Tale of Resilience, Innovation, and Compassion

Fabrica Kraft, an inspiring venture, was founded in October 2021 by a dynamic husband and wife duo. This innovative project was born out of their personal challenges, which became a catalyst for creativity and inclusivity. The husband, a former Paralympian with a 75% disability, and the wife, an experienced Operation leader turned entrepreneur coping with a skin allergy, combined their unique perspectives and experiences to establish something truly remarkable. Their journey exemplifies resilience and the power of transforming obstacles into opportunities for innovation.

Born from Personal Struggles

Their story is one of triumph over adversity. Her struggle with skin allergies, exacerbated by the lack of affordable organic jewellery, clothing, and products ignited a spark. After her dermatologist recommended organic products, she realized the gap in the market for accessible, skin-friendly accessorises.

Empowering Through Diversity

The husband, embracing his disability, became a symbol of resilience. Together, they formed a team that celebrated diversity, understanding that true strength lies in overcoming challenges. Their studio in India is not just a production house; it's a place where barriers are broken, and inclusivity reigns supreme.

Crafting with Care

Our skilled artisans, guided by the founders' vision, create products that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities. Every item is a testament to our commitment to quality, crafted not just with skill, but with empathy and understanding.

Bridging Gaps, Expanding Horizons:

In May 2022, we launched our outdoor custom cushion website, bringing bespoke comfort to homes worldwide. October 2022 marked our foray into manufacturing in India, leveraging the rich local resources and talent.

Our expansion bridges not just geographical distances but also connects communities through shared values of sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Sustainable Fashion for All

The launch of our sustainable clothing line in November 2023 was a milestone. This line isn't just fashion; it's a commitment to the environment, ethical practices, and the health and well-being of our customers.

Our Promise

At Fabrica Kraft, every thread we weave carries a story of hope, resilience, and innovation. We promise to deliver products that are not just made, but are crafted with love, care, and a profound understanding of our customers' needs.

Our Sustainability Mission


Made without harmful chemicals, our products contribute to cleaner air, soil, and water.

Fair Trade

Our ethical labor practices generate income stability and improve lives across the globe.

Sustainably Sourced

Our materials are sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly, and obtained from ethical sources.

We are dedicated to making natural, organic, handcrafted, and eco-friendly products accessible to all. We specialize in offering budget-friendly yet elegantly designed items, with a particular emphasis on custom-made pieces that exemplify the highest quality. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our handcrafted products, made from the finest sustainable materials, offered at the most reasonable prices. At Fabrica Kraft, our goal is to provide a welcoming space where you can effortlessly find everything you need for custom design and décor, perfectly tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

"We must swiftly and decisively engage in sustainable, eco-friendly & ethical actions to create a significant impact in the battle against climate change. "

If you seek the certainty of a product from a company that prioritizes people, the environment, and the world over profits, you've arrived at the ideal destination. Our aim is not only to enhance our customers' lives, but also to safeguard and conserve the environment – both locally and globally – irrespective of our operating location. It is a privilege for us to shape our own comprehensive vision of sustainability through our company, where we have implemented responsible measures in the communities we reside and work in, ensuring a better world for present and future generations.

We value the chance to collaborate on our shared objectives and are excited to present you with our exceptional offerings.